Mommy Makeover FAQ: All You Need To Know

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This article has been specifically designed to offer appropriate answers to the most common mommy makeover FAQ that women ask. In the hope that you can be able to make an informed decision if you are contemplating to try out these procedures.Just exactly what is a mommy makeover?Essentially this is a combination of surgical operations, which are specifically geared to bring a lady’s physique to the state it was in prior conceiving and confinement. These procedures dwell on the major Continue Reading ...

Do’s and Don’ts Before and After Mommy Makeover Surgery?

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It’s a universal fact: Everybody wants to look their very best. More so if one has given birth to a beautiful life and after coping with nine months of stress and pain has been left behind with flabby skin which just won’t go away. That’s where Mommy Makeover, a collection of special surgeries designed to get you back to your pre-baby body, comes in. Now that you’re going for the operation, you might want to figure out certain do’s and don’ts concerning the operation to get you back Continue Reading ...

Are pre-op/ post- op vitamins or supplements necessary after makeover surgery?

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You may have come across information concerning the use of multi-vitamins, Bromelain pre and post as well as Arnica Montana before and after surgery. Many experts would advise you to avoid vitamin E and other supplements for the sake of your health. Before you listen to advice offered by one of your friends or a member of staff who has undergone the process in the recent past, there is a need that you find out the truth behind the safety of these supplements. The use of vitamins and supplements Continue Reading ...

Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

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An exact time span cannot be given for mommy makeover recovery, but doctors have given an average of 6 weeks for full recovery. This is because recovery is determined by several factors and this makes recovery period differ from person to person.Recovery after a mommy makeover occurs in phases before full recovery can take place. Understanding these phases will be efficient when looking forward to full recovery. A mommy makeover recovery occurs in the following distinct phase:First 3 Continue Reading ...

The Most Common Mommy Makeover Surgery Complications

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There are some risks that come with undertaking a mummy makeover. However, they are usually experienced if the surgeons that worked on you are not keen in what they are doing. The following are some of the most common complications.1. Pulmonary EmboliThis is the accumulation of blood clots on the lungs. The blood clots block one of your pulmonary arteries in the lungs. The blood clots travel from the area that has undergone mommy makeover and finds its way to the lungs. It is very risky Continue Reading ...

Is Mommy Makeover Right For Me?

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From sticky fingers to diapers full of poop, being a mother is not always fun. In addition to your time, motherhood takes a toll on your body, and not in a good way. Stretch marks, loose tummy skin, varicose veins and sagging breasts as a result of breastfeeding are just a few of the things that could go wrong. And let’s not forget the weird lady part changes.Experiencing all these changes, it is normal for mothers to long for their pre-baby bodies. They may turn to a healthy diet and Continue Reading ...

Top Effective Tips To Get Your Pre-baby Body Back

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Want to get your pre-baby body back? Besides taking care of the new baby, most new mothers are also faced with the challenge of losing the extra weight that just doesn’t seem to go away. As a result, losing baby weight has proven to be one of the hardest tasks for most new mothers. Less fat gives you a clear mind, more energy, and it actually increases confidence and happiness. However, your health and general well-being are also a top priority. Therefore, it is vital for every new mother to Continue Reading ...