Are pre-op/ post- op vitamins or supplements necessary after makeover surgery?

Posted on: November 9, 2016 by in Body
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You may have come across information concerning the use of multi-vitamins, Bromelain pre and post as well as Arnica Montana before and after surgery. Many experts would advise you to avoid vitamin E and other supplements for the sake of your health. Before you listen to advice offered by one of your friends or a member of staff who has undergone the process in the recent past, there is a need that you find out the truth behind the safety of these supplements. The use of vitamins and supplements has formed the basis of our discussion as we try to answer one of the most common questions, are pre-op/ post- op vitamins or supplements necessary after makeover surgery.

To begin with, you should avoid taking Vitamin E two or more weeks before your visit a surgeon to undertake an operation. During this period, you can use one or two multivitamins. On the other hand, both arnica and bromelain are safe for use before and some days after you undergone the process. If you feel insecure with their use, it is wise for you to confirm from your surgeon so that you do away with the doubts that are likely to affect you for long.

According to research conducted by various institutions of learning and experts from the different parts of the world, arnica and bromelain are very helpful when it comes to reducing bruising as well as swelling after a successful surgical operation. However, you should only take them if you are sure that they will not trigger a migraine. The same studies also support to avoidance of high levels of vitamin E in your diet because it can lead to excessive bleeding during surgery. One of the best ways to prepare for your coming surgery is taking more iron and folate that will assist in the restoration of hemoglobin levels and promote healing after the operation. Apart from the use of multivitamins, you also need a balanced diet containing other nutrients that you will not get from these eating habits.

In conclusion, not all supplements are good for consumption before and after surgery. Supplements such as vitamin E should never be part of your diet both before and after surgery because of the various side effects that come with them. Instead, you can include arnica and bromelain to your diet since they will not help in reducing bruises but also minimize on the swellings brought about by the process. You can also have iron and folate that will improve on the levels of hemoglobin within your body while at the same time making the process of healing faster than before. In case you are not sure about anything, ask a well-trained surgeon since your health is very important and you can afford to take chances when you can take control of the same. In addition, the surgery procedure you are looking forward to will determine the kind of food you can eat because we do not have a specific diet for such situations so far.