Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

Posted on: October 13, 2016 by in Body
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An exact time span cannot be given for mommy makeover recovery, but doctors have given an average of 6 weeks for full recovery. This is because recovery is determined by several factors and this makes recovery period differ from person to person.

Recovery after a mommy makeover occurs in phases before full recovery can take place. Understanding these phases will be efficient when looking forward to full recovery. A mommy makeover recovery occurs in the following distinct phase:

First 3 hours after surgery.

Pain is not felt in the first hours after surgery because of anesthesia effect in the body. At this time you will not feel any pain expect some soreness maybe felt at this stage after surgery.

2-3 days after surgery.

This is the time when pain is felt because the effect of anesthesia has gone away. Doctors will recommend the use of painkillers to manage pain which might be overwhelming at this time. Most painkillers work just fine in managing pain experienced after surgery.

2-3 weeks after surgery.

At this time you probably have stopped using painkillers because the pain has completely gone away. Recovery starts at this stage, and you may resume normal and less strenuous activity around the home without trouble. At this time you should be still careful and avoid heavy lifting that may affect the recovery process.

2-3 months after surgery.

This is the time when full recovery has taken place, and you can fully go back to normal activities. At this time you should not be afraid of affecting the recovery process because full recovery has almost taken place.

2 years after surgery.

Two years after surgery is when scars not only heal fully but at this stage, the scars are now fully matured.

There are several factors that determine recovery time and they include:

Age of the woman.

Age is a very important aspect when it comes to recovery. Younger women and older women heal differently. For instance, younger women may take a shorter time to heal compared to older women although the difference is not much.

Extend of the makeover.

Some women undergo a simple makeover while others take a full makeover. These are two different surgeries and definitely recovery time can never be the same. Recovery for the simple makeover will take a shorter time compared to someone who took a full makeover.

Surgeon’s skills and expertise.

Recovery may also largely depend on your surgeon, and this will be based on expertise and skill. Surgeons who are well skilled and experienced perform surgery in a way that offers fast recovery. This is different from a surgery performed by a surgeon with little on performing a mommy makeover.

Following doctor’s instructions.

Following doctor’s instruction is important to guarantee fast recovery. This is because instructions given by the doctor are part of a recovery plan. A patient who follows doctor’s instructions is likely to heal faster compared to a patient who does not. For instance, doctors’ advice that a woman who has undergone a mommy makeover should not lift heavy items until after the recommended 6 weeks. Following these instructions aids in faster healing.